What Our Customers Are Saying

From John P.

You’d sent an e-mail several months ago about a new TSA test which old cases weren’t passing.  I checked the one I’ve used for years and sure enough, it was too flimsy.  Before I’d done any real shopping you sent the Travel Armor info, and it was the perfect solution.  Even better:  I’ve changed my carry gun to a G19 with a red-dot, and forgotten it wouldn’t even FIT in the old case.  So I really needed to upgrade anyway.

I’d wanted to travel with it to give you a full report, but my upcoming trips have been canceled until mid-May, so here is a partial report.  I really like this case.  The Travel Armor two pistol case fits my pistol with red dot, IWB holster and three magazines, so none of the gear is rattling around in the suitcase.  It is polymer of course, but still rock solid.  It is pricier than a cheap case from a retail store, but experience shows that when you pay for quality you rarely regret it.