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TravelArmorCases® are the lightweight and durable solution to a variety of travel needs, without the cumbersome size and weight of other travel cases. Say goodbye to bulky and say hello to slim, sleek and smart.  Our smooth textured design with rounded corners and hinges allows our cases to easily fit inside of your luggage, virtually snag free.  Our custom memory foam is also specially designed to conform to any object that is placed inside the case, regardless of shape. This ensures that your valuables are not only protected, but also held snugly and securely in place. TravelArmorCases® are the perfect way to store or transport your valuables whether in a car, on a boat, in a plane, or even just at home.

 TravelArmorCases® are proudly made in the USA.

Travel Armor® Compact Case


Travel Armor® Double Case


Travel Armor® Mag/Accessory Case



"For commercial air-travel, TravelArmorCase® has no equal!  Also great for the car or at home. 

Light, sturdy, compact, just the right dimensions, they hold guns and accessories firmly in place.  They're designed and manufactured by Operators, for Operators!

TravelArmorCases® have flown with me dozens of times, in and out of many airports.

TSA loves them. I love them!"


John S. Farnam, DTI

Small-arms consultant, Author, Trainer